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Overview Presentation

LogicalPlan is an online team application that enables users to create project plans and schedules using several visual interactive tools like timelines and mind maps. It is a smart productivity tool that shows each team member the task they need to do today as well as what is next. The drag-and-drop interface allows managers easier and better control of priorities, and built-in collaboration tools provide a common space for efficient communication and sharing of information.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Visual Productivity ToolLogicalPlan is a smart software that enables users to focus on their real work. It promotes productivity with its AI-based notification system that intelligently shows only the important updates that are relevant to the user. It is a highly visual and interactive tool that allows them to design, plan and schedule with color-coded timelines using drag-and-drop. With a visual interface, it is easier to organize the team’s schedule across multiple projects. Users are able to get a complete overview of the team’s workload at a glance, so it is easy to spot tasks and deadlines that are due or coming soon.
  • Task Management and Priority – The team project management software has advanced task management tools that include task lists that enable managers to easily control the order and priority of work. With unlimited workspaces and custom fields, it is also easy to track and monitor progress. It has several visual tools including a timeline with support for task dependencies that can show the big picture as well as the smallest task.
  • Easy Collaboration, Effective Communication, Mobile Apps, and more – LogicalPlan is a collaborative team tool that smartly displays what each team member is supposed to be doing each day as work moves forward. Moreover, communication can take place together with the tasks to provide the context of the work. Users can also attach relevant files, so communication, tasks, and documents are all in one place. It also integrates with email, so those working on their inbox can also remain connected with the team effort. Other features include native mobile apps for iOS and Android, guest users, member roles, mind maps, and more.


LogicalPlan offers a Free plan that is ideal for teams with unlimited users looking for a simple tool that provides easy collaboration. The Business plan is priced at $9 per month per user and includes all features in the Free plan in addition to advanced organization and project management features such as a timeline tool, mind map, unlimited custom fields, member roles, task dependencies, and more. A free 14-day trial period is offered for the Business plan. An Enterprise plan is in the works.

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Target Market

LogicalPlan is ideal for digital and creative agencies, software companies, startups, and small businesses looking for a team management app that provides a comprehensive visual overview of the team’s work.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Merchandising For You and Digital Shift.



Matt Dunka recalled that the time came they realized project management is vital in their work. He stated that it became essential for them to be able to manage their team effectively, to maintain order, and to review their individual projects and tasks efficiently. With the use of LogicalPlan, they were able to accomplish all these.

Matt Miciula stated that with the use of the PM software, they were able to increase their digital marketing agency’s effectiveness. LogicalPlan enables them to plan and track projects, timelines, and client deliverables in one central place. He described it as an instrumental PM tool that allows them to work smarter, better and faster while being able to hold their growing team accountable.

Why LogicalPlan

LogicalPlan is a smart balance of visibility, ease of use, intelligence and flexibility. The seamless combination of visual tools, drag-and-drop, smart notifications, and customization, plus integration provide teams with the essential tools to quickly transform ideas into projects and tasks, follow it through in the right priority, allow collaboration for greater impact, and enable smart monitoring to take it through to successful completion.

Company Info

LogicalPlan LTD is a privately held software company based in London, UK. It was founded in 2017 by Josef Andrle and Jakub Helešic in the Czech Republic. The founders are project management professionals running a digital marketing agency that was looking for a better way to manage their teams. They needed a better way but did not find a tool that addressed their needs. Thus, LogicalPlan was born. Their mission is to create a simple tool that is easy to use and gives a comprehensive visual overview of your project team’s work.

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