Top 10 Best Tutorials – Training and Courses is a team management platform that is easy to use, highly visual, and customizable. You can use it to manage different kinds of teams for different kinds of work. The software was built internally at first to help users of Dapulse Labs solve their day-to-day project management problems. As others tried it, the creators received encouraging feedback of how others were able to manage their business, track progress, and stay in control. In 2017, the software formerly called daPulse was renamed

The Top 10 Tutorials

A wide variety of companies and industries use Big and small businesses, freelancers, and professional services providers use the platform. Customers in sales, software development, real estate, churches, and more are finding value and benefit with the software as they stay in better control of their business and organization. Here are the 10 resources, video tutorials, how-to articles and other helpful guides that can help you start with using Please note that most resources come from the vendor, as we did not include tutorials pertaining to their old product daPulse.

1. monday Knowledge Base’s knowledge base includes a lot of articles that can help you navigate, get started and master the team management platform. For example, in the Getting started section, you can read 7 articles that introduces you to the application, 12 articles to get you started, 16 articles about the basics of boards and folders, and more. It is also easy to navigate the knowledge base within the articles with a menu on the left side of the page.

2. monday Guides Spot

The Guides Spot page is more specific in its topics. Each topic includes video tutorials that can be as short as 3 minutes or longer than 10 minutes. Topic examples include learning how to use your account, communication with the team, visual time management, or FAQ about integrations.

3. Project Management with

Envato Tuts+ is a learning site that includes free how-to tutorials and online courses for the Envato community. Envato is a marketplace for creative assets and creative people. In its business tutorials page, it discusses how can be used to make project management not only tolerable but even successful. It has a step-by-step guide for managing a project using the tool.

4. monday Video Center has a dedicated video tutorial center page that contains different videos for any user on any stage of learning and using their software. It has a collection of videos if you are just getting started. Some of the topics include creating your first project, assigning tasks to your teammates, or communicating with your team. If you are already on the way to mastering monday, videos such as using the shareable boards or using the timeline may be the ones that will interest you more.

5. monday Webinars

You can choose to attend daily webinars on certain topics with a specific schedule from their webinars page. For example, live walkthroughs that discuss the basics are held Mondays at 4 pm, Tuesdays 9 am, Wednesdays 12 pm or Fridays 4 pm, all Eastern Standard Time (EST). There is also a schedule for advanced live walkthroughs. Another option is to watch previous webinars on-demand.

6. Productivity Guide with is a free site that hosts fun and practical web development tutorials. Monday as a project management tool is popular also with software development companies. This simple guide to improve productivity using monday is a 2018 article that discusses some of the use cases for the software, how to get started, groups and pulses, and the timeline, among others. It is complete with annotated screenshots.

7. How to use monday

Another interesting resource from the software vendor is a page about the different use cases for the software, with examples. For instance, if you plan to use it for sales management, you can find tips, best practice suggestions and recommendations in how to reduce the on-boarding time for new sales reps. You can learn the best way to organize sales collateral materials, build a sales team knowledge base, or how to collaborate with other departments. Other use cases include inventory tracking, church management, bug tracking, engineering project management, and more.

8. monday User Stories is used by all kinds of users. In this users resource page, they share how they utilized the software to solve a particular issue or challenge. For example, one user shares how she used the platform to improve communications in her congregation. She also shares board template that helped her in this situation. Another user shares his story, tips, and template in how he uses the tool for task and daily project management.

9. Udemy – PM Software Comparison

This Udemy course is not particularly only about monday, but is included in the course creator’s comparisons for online project management software. The purpose of this course is to help anyone with information in order to quickly evaluate PM software for their business. It is a shortcut in information gathering, and includes Monday among the choices.

10. Monday Beginner Intro Training Tutorial

This 2018 YouTube video by Paul Nicholson is a 40-minute beginner’s tutorial of He goes through the all the steps, from logging in, inviting team members, sharing boards, filling in tasks, and others.

Conclusion is an easy, fun and colorful way to organize, collaborate, and manage projects. It is flexible, customizable, and integrates to popular applications. A very important benefit of the platform is its ability to promote transparency, which helps every team member and stakeholder to have the information to decide and act with speed and in the best way possible.

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Jose Maria Delos Santos

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