Top 10 Mac Project Management Software & Tools in 2020

Statistics show that MacOS is just about 10 percent of the global computer operating systems market. However, the ability of the well-designed Mac computer models to operate web-based applications has now made it a familiar business work desktop for project management.

Web designers, creatives, and developers who are also Mac users see the value and benefits of using a project management tool, especially web-based apps. Online PM tools are usually cross-platform functional, so it works on different environment like MacOS, iOS, Windows, Android, etc. PM tools have two major benefits:

  • It organizes their work, clients, resources, schedules, etc.
  • It enables them to plan and breakdown projects into clear manageable tasks

The Top 10

Project professionals who prefer working on a Mac and looking for decent project management software can check the brief reviews below for the following PM tools. Most have core project management features, but a few also go beyond project planning and task management.

#1 is a team management platform where you can plan projects, organize work, and track its progress. It is a highly visual collaborative platform with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Getting your team on-board and running will take just a few minutes. supports major browsers, and also has a Mac and Windows desktop app. The current Mac desktop version of Monday is version 0.1.54. Software Features

  • Available templates: Start working quickly and choose from a variety of use cases
  • Intuitive interface: User-friendly, with customizable components
  • Collaboration and Organization tools: It has built-in communication and document management tools
  • Multiple views: Use your preferred view for project planning and task tracking

Advantages of

  • Easy to start with and use, to quickly get the the team on-board.
  • Customizable software, so it fits your requirements and processes.
  • One central tool to communicate, collaborate, and manage files.
  • More views give you different perspectives, so you can see both the big picture or go as detailed as you want to.
  • supports best practices to promote transparency, accountability, and efficiency.


smartsheet logo

#2 Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a web-based project management and collaboration tool in a simple and familiar spreadsheet interface. It is easy to use and very flexible, but is also a business-grade application that has increased team productivity in tens of thousands of companies and organizations around the globe.

Smartsheet Software Features

  • Multiple views: Team availability, timelines, Gantt chart, calendar, card view
  • Automated tools: Alerts, email reminders, and web forms
  • Familiar interface: Spreadsheet-like UI does not have steep learning curve
  • Easy to start: Pre-built templates help jump-start different types of projects

Advantages of Smartsheet

  • A familiar interface will not require time for employee training, but allows them to hit the ground running.
  • SaaS pricing model is not capital intensive, and easy to scale when growing in company size.
  • Online collaboration and integration makes it easy to communicate and partner with others.
  • Free email support and priority phone support for enterprise customers.
  • Free 30-day trial period.

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wrike logo

#3 Wrike

Wrike is an online project management software that helps users manage their projects from initial request to reporting end results. It is an end-to-end solution, providing managers the ability to create and assign tasks, create workflows, visibly track progress, coordinate resources, and generate reports. Team members also get a clear view of priorities, access all tasks, documents and work information, edit, upload and share documents, and track time.

Wrike Software Features

  • Task, Project and People Management: Create projects from tasks, assign resources from tasks, and receive instant and direct communication with collaboration tools such as @mentions.
  • Email Integration, Custom Workflows: Users can work and participate from their email inbox, and sync all updates. They can add custom fields and configure dashboards for customized views.
  • Native Mobile Apps, Third-party Integrations: Wrike has native iOS and Android apps for working away from office. It integrates with other apps to enable teams extend functionality and get all types of work done with multiple tools, including an API.

Advantages of Wrike

  • Helps project teams quickly set priorities and align teams with tools like Gantt chart with critical path, workload views, and real-time status updates.
  • Automated forms, proofing and approval help people across the organization to coordinate smoothly and reduce rework.
  • User roles and share permissions ensure data integrity while reducing duplication and redundancy.
  • Web-based application provides real-time visibility for all users just by accessing a central site. The centralized system also ensures clarity and accountability.

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#4 Mavenlink

Mavenlink LogoMavenlink is a project management software built by a privately held California, USA company. It is also web-based, and works with popular browsers such as Safari. The software for teams start at $19 per month on an annual contract for the first 5 users.

Mavenlink Software Features

  • Project Management and Accounting: Enables users to track not only tasks but also project fees, costs, and expenses.
  • Interactive Gantt chart: The chart shows tasks, dependencies and critical path.
  • Resource Management and Collaboration: Users can see a complete view of the business with project dashboards, reports, centralized conversations, and file management.
  • Business Intelligence and Operations Expertise: Mavenlink provides pre-built and custom reports. MavenOps is a service offered to clients to take advantage of industry know-how and consultations.

Advantages of Mavenlink

  • User-driven design makes it easy and painless for onboarding new team members.
  • Integrations with Salesforce, Jira, Google Apps, Quickbooks, and others. It also has API for custom integration.
  • Web-based application requires no download or installation, but provides automatic updates for the latest features.
  • HTML5 technology enables different device access and compatibility.
  • Supports different types of authentication from identity providers, such as secure SSO.
  • A free plan is available also upon registration.


#5 Microsoft Project Online

MS Project was developed by Microsoft in 1984 and the tool has evolved over the last 3 decades. The latest version is Project 2019.

MS Project Software Features

  • Improved Interface:  Navigation and use of the project management tool has been made easy.
  • Auto Complete:  Filling up of repetitive data has become effortless.
  • Timeline View:  Users can easily view the project schedule and progress in graphical form.
  • Filters:  New filters can be applied for quick data mining.

Advantages of MS Project

  • All sorts of charts and graphs have been included over the years.
  • Reliable online support is available.
  • No internet connection is required.
  • Can be easily integrated with other MS programs.
  • Caters to a wide range of project managers and is ideal for large organizations.


#6 Merlin

Merlin is one of the leading project management tools for Mac OS X. The software has been developed by Project Wizards and is renowned for its collaboration options. Merlin is divided into 4 products, namely, Project, Go, Server, and Project Express.

Merlin Software Features

  • Project management: Projects can be planned and managed to the very last detail. All projects are outlined in the form of a hierarchy, and each aspect of the project has its own place on the hierarchy. It is now also ready for agile project management with Kanban boards. The tool is priced at $149 per year. Merlin Project version 5 has been released. In fact, v5.1.13 is the latest version as of September 2019, compatible with macOS 10.11 at the minimum. New features include grouping, new styles, and more.
  • Resource Management: All the workload assigned to each member of the team, along with all the allocated resources, are calculated and represented in the form of bar graphs. The new Resource Pool feature allows users to monitor the utilization level of projects.

Other features of Merlin include:

  • Full 30 days free trial
  • To do list, Kanban, Grouping, Resource pool
  • Graphs, charts, New Style Editor
  • Network friendliness, clean modern design

Advantages of Merlin

  • Merlin Project can import and export project data, integrates with many applications, and also connect with other apps through AppleScript.
  • Projects can be planned and managed to the very last detail.
  • The software shows utilization of resources so that resource and work allocation becomes easy.
  • Tutorials are available for each feature, and the features are easy to use for users of all levels.
  • Project Wizard also offers workshops, for users to get familiar with all the features on Merlin.

#7 OmniPlan

OmniPlan is a popular project management application developed by The Omni Group. It is available for $149.99 for the Mac, and $74.99 for iOS from the App Store. OmniPlan 3 is ready for iOS 11.

Omniplan Software Features

Omniplan has pretty much all the standard features of project management applications.

  • Charts and Graphs: It supports all sorts of charts and graphs, and can generate reports in various formats.
  • Start from scratch: Projects can be planned from scratch and managed until completion simply by using this software solution.
  • Other features: Some of the newly introduced features include support for drag and drop, Touch Bar, dark mode, catch up, and keyboard support. It also has Applock for iOS, filtering, violation resolution, leveling, split tasks, critical path, multiple baselines, network diagrams, and export feature.

Advantages of OmniPlan

  • Support MS Project files. Files can be exported to and imported from MS Project.
  • Projects can be exported into a variety of formats.
  • Comes with a tutorial. Tutorials are also available in PDF and video formats.
  • Can be used to plan and manage small scale projects such as parties as well as large scale business projects.
  • Highly customizable and easy to use.
  • Online customer support is easily available.

#8 FastTrack Schedule

Developed by AEC Software; FastTrack Schedule is one of the most highly recommended project management tools in the market today. The software is especially effective when it comes to large projects with a great number of resources and a large team. Version 10.2 is the latest release.

FastTrack Schedule Software Features

  • Intuitive interface: Version 10.2 offers a new and intuitive Mac interface.
  • New calendars: It has Base calendars, work calendars, effort-driven scheduling, image columns, assignment contouring, and work usage inspector.
  • More controls: It also has new bar styles and gradients, a Getting Started screen, address book integration, enhanced resource form, and an iMedia browser.
  • Multi-platform: FastTrack offers software that is available for both Mac OS X and Windows.
  • Other features: Local storage of preferences, communication tools, and sharing tools.

Advantages of FastTrack Schedule

  • Assembling your resources is very easy with the resource overview.
  • A variety of tools is available along with multiple formats of reports.
  • Small details and the larger pictures are equally covered,
  • Tutorials, guides, and customer support are easily available.
  • Integrates some of the features of the host operating system.

#9 Projector

Projector is a professional services automation software (PSA). It was built to solve a real business problem of its company. In 2003, the company Projector PSA was born to offer its own solution to other companies facing the same challenge. It is a highly modular system with its own project management module. Projector is compatible with Mac OS X (10.11 through 10.14).

Projector Software Features

  • Integrated modules: Projector integrates its project management module seamlessly with its project accounting, resource scheduling, and advanced analytics modules.
  • End-to-end PM solution: Users are provided the framework and tools to plan, track and deliver projects successfully. It has advanced task planning and tracking, flexible, detailed budgeting, and project workspaces.

Advantages of Projector

  • Data can be input and retrieved very easily.
  • Images can be assigned with valuable pieces of information.
  • Every aspect of the project is covered including human and material resources, deadlines, milestones etc.
  • Easy to use, the interface has been designed in such a way that it doesn’t take an expert to use it.
  • Online support is easily available at the official website.

#10 RationalPlan

RationalPlan is available either as a cloud service or an on-premise solution. For on-premise project management, it offers the Single Project, Multi Project, and Project Server packages. It also offers Project Viewer which is free to download and completes the project management package.

RationPlan Software Features
Some of the major RationalPlan features include:

  • Project reports
  • Undo/Redo Actions
  • Project Management for single and multi project
  • Collaboration and communication tools
  • Task management
  • Gantt Charts
  • Scheduling
  • Timelines
  • Milestones

Advantages of RationalPlan

  • Caters to teams and project managers alike.
  • Caters to a wide range of industries including software, construction, and engineering.
  • Data at any level of the project can be edited. New reports are generated based on the new data. The feature is called “what if” feature.
  • Available on all major platforms including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • Step by step tutorial is available for beginners.


Project management tools are essential in business, to make sure work is properly organized, tracked, and completed. Web-based PM tools offer many advantages, and these include a centralized real-time information for all members across functions, locations and timezones, thereby providing an accurate, up-to-date picture of a project’s overall progress. Whether web-based or desktop installed, more users are collaborating on their projects. And as shown in this list, Mac users have several options to choose from for their personal and team project management and collaboration software.

Jose Maria Delos Santos

Jose Maria Delos Santos

Jose is a subject matter expert and member of the writing team for and Bridge24. He has written hundreds of articles including project management software reviews, books reviews, training site reviews, and general articles related to the project management industry.

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  1. Avatar Mark Naseck says:

    Thank you! This info was very helpful.

  2. Avatar Roger M says:

    Thank you for the list! I used to be a MS project user for years but moved to Mac.
    Now I use Conceptdraw project and it’s just great.
    I run same license on my macbook and PC desktop. Tool has live dashboards with task tracking, project diagrams via Gantt charts and Pert charts and a variety of reports for project planning, monitoring resources and usage as well as detailing budget and costs.
    Supports MS project file import/export.

    • Avatar Ken says:

      Hi Roger,
      Are there any issues with importing/exporting MS Project files at all or do they come up exactly the same on both apps?
      Many thanks

    • Avatar Din Murphy says:

      Hi there,
      Is there any online collaboration available? I would definitely use a desktop tool only if I worked on my own but I do not, so what about sharing your projects with your team?

  3. Hi Sarah,
    does it integrate with Quickbooks?

  4. Avatar Jay Vyas says:

    Some great tools out there! Though I used MS Project which i think is the best. I switched to Mac and it was a task to find a good substitute. There is an app called Project Planning Pro (link below) which is similar to MS Project in so many ways. Also the features which i most used in MS Project are available on it. I can also Import files from MS Project and access it from my Mac as well as iPad and it’s much cheaper than most apps! a great deal. 🙂

  5. Hi Jay, you have been using PPPro for some serious projects already? I’m mainly out for a managers tool, from where I can submit good overviewes for information to my various small groups. We have a lot of projects wich I need to keep track on, while the separate project (small) teams just need some overview information from me, to keep track on their tasks.

    • Avatar Jay Vyas says:

      Hi Anders, I am an Entrepreneur and use this app with a team of 25-30 people. I assign them tasks and they update it once they are done with the tasks. I am not sure what you’re looking for but yes it is easy to keep a track of tasks with this app. If you’re not sure about it I would suggest you to write them at and ask for a trial version of Mac, their support is quick and friendly they would surely help you out. 🙂

  6. Hi Jay. Thanks for your advice and suggestion. I’ll give it a try.

  7. Avatar Jeremy M says:

    We have been using Studiometry by Oranged software for a long time now for projects and for billing. It’s Mac & Windows, multi user, does a great job. Surprised to not see it here, it’s been around for a while.

  8. Avatar Henry Levis (PMPer) says:

    Now QuickPlan for Mac is available. We have use the iOS editions of QuickPlan for years, the best designed app for project managers and business leaders, with fine-tuned features and focus on productivity. QuickPlan for Mac provides free trial version, for you try before purchase.

  9. Avatar saulgood201 says:

    Mac version of Microsoft Project 2016: They provide Project for monthly subscription and it is also available for 30day free trial

  10. Avatar Best Project Scheduling Software says:

    Thanks for sharing the great list! I hope these tools help managers plan, execute and control all aspects of the project management process.

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