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According to an IDC report, almost half of IT spending by businesses in 2018 was for cloud-related expenses. Indeed, more companies are adopting cloud technologies and setting up an online database due to the many advantages it brings. Among the top reasons for using an online database is savings. Compared to buying your own storage, servers, and network equipment, building your data center, powering and maintaining it all 24/7, companies are saving a great amount of capital and operational expenses just by using an online database. And then there is software. Online database software is already bundled with the storage, without having to worry about updates.

The Top 5

Aside from accessibility, which is the primary factor that organizations are turning to an online database, the many features that online database software offer is providing users more tailor-fit yet scalable business applications that they can build themselves. In this top 5 list, we looked at online database software that is easy to use, with less coding needed, the better. We also compared the intuitiveness of their builders, the availability of templates or setup wizards, degree of customization, linking, searches, and filters, a library of views, charts, graphs, pivot tables, available integrations, customer feedback regarding security, customer support, and more.

1. Kohezion (* Editor’s Choice *)

Kohezion is an online database application builder. It is a favorite business solution for startups, freelancers, consultants, professional services organizations and small to mid-size businesses. Users are able to create custom web apps without coding or the need to hire programmers. Uploading or importing data from spreadsheets is easy and fast. A drag-and-drop app builder enables business owners and teams from various departments to create an online application that addresses their specific business needs. It comes with built-in collaboration and automation tools that allow users to create a web-based solution that helps them manage their workflows and processes to build and grow their business. An affordable standard plan of $5 per user per month includes full access to tools, the creation of unlimited applications, and priority support. A turnkey solution is available for those who need rapid deployment. A free 14-day trial period is also available.

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2. Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator Logo

Zoho Creator is a business app maker also with an online database at its center. It is an affordable alternative to pricey business apps, with its Basic plan priced at only $10 per user per month billed annually. It already includes 25,000 records, 3 apps, and 24×5 live support. The higher plans are Premium and Ultimate, with the latter offering unlimited apps and records. Users can download and publish rebranded apps on iOS and Android devices. Zoho Creator has an extensive library to choose from, including the ability to collect 31 types of information, like bar codes, location coordinates, and files. Users can present their data in calendar, timeline and kanban views. They can also perform calculations, schedule routine tasks, and other custom actions. Collaboration is built-in, so app owners can add users with permission to access, edit, or modify components. It can import data from Excel, convert a Google Sheet into an app, or migrate an MS Access database.

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3. Caspio

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Caspio is a cloud platform that allows users to build custom applications in minutes with minimum coding. Its visual app builder uses point-and-click technology that will guide the users step-by-step. As an online database software, any web application can be published in any site in just a few clicks. It has flexible plans for scaling the applications as more data or records are needed. It has many video tutorials that explain well how to use their software in creating different types of applications. Aside from intuitive visual application builder, Caspio also has tools to convert spreadsheets and databases into interactive web-based reports. The online forms can capture important data that can instrumental to a company’s business process or workflow. Other features include a secure database, user management, revision history and rollback, user access logs, scheduled import and export, and many more. A free plan is available, as well as several standard and premium plans.

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4. Knack

Knack is an online database software designed to make it easy to build applications that manage and share data. It was built to help the founders, then running a web design agency, to minimize creating custom jobs from scratch. At the core of the software is an easy-to-use yet powerful relational database. The software includes many tools to easily build a custom application, whether from scratch or from modifying available templates. Users can choose from how they want to view and update their records and can include tabs, links, menus, and popups, just like using a web page. The applications can be embedded in the website and is optimized for mobile devices with any size of the screen. They can create custom dashboards, and authorize different reports for different users. Knack can be connected with other apps through Zapier, or extend its function through its API. It is free to try for 14 days, and premium plans start at $39 per month.

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5. TeamDesk

TeamDesk is an online database software for business. It allows users to create their own custom database in a fast and easy way. No technical knowledge is required to be able to take advantage of its superior power, functionality, and price. As a pay-as-you-go service, users are not held back by long term contracts or commitments. The Starter edition at $49 per month includes up to 5 users with an unlimited number of tables, records, storage space, and customer support. Team edition at $99 per month and Enterprise edition at $249 per month includes 10 users with extra user packs and other advanced features. A 14-day free trial is also available. Customers are able to adapt TeamDesk to their daily business process with flexibility and without added complexity. As a cloud-based application, it works across platforms such as PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android, and Windows Phone through a web browser.

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Online database software is a viable business option, as trends show that cloud services and solutions continue to rise. It provides companies a modern and better alternative to legacy and limited tools, but also less expensive than heavy and complex off-the-shelf software. Builder applications of online database software continue to improve and advance, allowing users to create custom applications easily, and deploy them rapidly, with the flexibility to scale up or down. Other advantages it provides are automatic software updates, 24/7 support, and even some degree of built-in disaster preparedness.

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    TeamDesk has been my personal best up until recently πŸ™‚

    Thanks for compiling this list, it’s very useful for people looking to build a CRM in a software and support various business processes, hence manage their business from one spot.

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